Social Media Marketing

SMM is the form of digital marketing that allows a business to thrive by engaging the target audience.

Strategically Ideated Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing is all about static and dynamic content that fit with your marketing schemes and campaigns to maximise reach and engagements. A business’s social feed can convey a lot about the brand persona, and we brain-storm on your behalf so that the audience gets the most compelling message from you.

  • Creative contents
  • Fine designs with all the detailing
  • More leads on social accounts

How We Work

From the discovery to the reporting, our process of work is solely for how to maximise your profit.


As we conduct a thorough meeting with our clients, it lets us understand their business on an intimate level and discover the growth essentials that the business needs to generate profit. Different businesses reflect different brand personas, and it’s essential for us to correctly identify what sort of brand image are the client trying to establish on the minds of their customers.

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Social Media Marketing strategies vary based on which social platform it is. Also, there are often trends that need to be kept up by brands, occasions where marketing schemes needs to be out of the box s that the business can stay not one but a few step ahead of the competitors. Which is why strategic ideation is a crucial part of social media marketing.  Jump Digital makes sure your business grabs the most attention on social platforms.

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Optimisation on social media means identifying your target audience who are present on the social media and setting up the appropriate demographic and geographic reach that you want for your business. This optimisation requires monetary investments , known as “boosting”. Jump Digital knows how to get the game of content optimisation running just fine for you.

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Social Media Contents are mostly static or dynamic. Videos, info-graphics etc. fall under the sub-types. However, social media itself is a dynamic digital platform that keeps on adding different features and its essential for the businesses to adopt all of that. Jump Digital helps you manage your social handles as well as delivers creative content marketing schemes that make sure campaign successful. 

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Lastly, we crosscheck each and every step of the content marketing schemes and calculate if the reaches and results so far have been serving the goals of  business , or the marketing campaign. This estimation concludes by stating how successful the entire scheme has been by means of reaches and engagements.

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